When did you get to be girlie?

I was sort of surprised that, according to the poll on this blog, that only 28 percent of us played dress-up with a sissy friend when we were growing up!

So I have to wonder: what or where was your outlet to be girlie and play dress-up? Were you able to dress up in your girlie clothes at home in your room? Did you have to hide until no one was home? Surely you dressed up somehow because, as you know, we all needed to do that!

As I wrote in a previous post, I was so fortunate to have a sissy friend to dress up with! And a place: an attic apartment in my girliefriend's house! And clothes that were my sister's! And lingerie that was his mother's! Such great times we had being girlie!

As you know, it was an ordeal growing up a sissy. Most of the other kids just didn't understand. Of course we could not hide the fact that we were sissies, but then again we could not go around dressed in girl's clothing or lingerie and high heels now could we!

So I have always looked back with great memories of how my sissy friend and I were able to play dress-up after school and on weekends my girliefriend's attic!

How did you fulfill your need to be girlie ???